Foundation pit completion of YOJU Beijing "logistics building" project


In November 21, 2014, the foundation pit of the four floor of the "logistics building" (Shidong International) project in Beijing, the YOJU design firm, was completed. In the fog and haze of Beijing, the smog of the cliffs is quite spectacular.

In the process of construction, in order to capture the complex geological conditions, large amount of earthwork excavation and concrete pouring is difficult, a high-rise building on the edge of the pit and the influence of embedded on the west side of the impact of subway construction and other problems, the deep foundation pit center island reverse construction method "stage construction, to ensure the successful completion of Cheng Anquan.

The project by the north, south two office buildings, two floors below for CIS design. The North Tower 99.9 meters high, 4 underground floors on the ground floor of 20; the south tower 76.25 meters high, 4 floors underground 15 floors on the ground. The total area of 78450.89 square meters, with superb construction technology, building construction to 100 meters, Guangqulu along a beautiful landscape. The north tower standard floor area of about 1992.61 square meters, the South Tower of about 961.91 square meters, with no pillar design, 3 meters height, is imposing manner, with 11.2 meters, 9 meters deep into the column spacing, full use of natural lighting, architectural artistic and humanistic care combined, fully meet the needs of international companies for office space efficient and comfortable strict requirements.

"Logistics building" (the East International) project to change the traditional CBD mode in the high density region to explore the relationship between architecture and city, the traditional poetry into the city, in the high density region to explore the relationship between architecture and city, creating a people with emotional sustenance and a sense of belonging mood. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.