The aesthetics of life -- Mr. Feng Bo was invited to participate in "I am a living"


The living people we admire must be people of great life, have the right view of happiness, and know how to get happiness. Through the design and ingenious connection of activities, we try to link the three ideals of life, the idea of life and the concept of happiness, and finally explain the secret and the way to achieve happiness. - Feng Bo

In December 12, 2014, Mr. Feng Bo was invited to participate in the "night of 2014 beautiful things - I am a living home". In the exhibition of "aesthetics of life", Feng Bo and the members of the 2005 Committee of the "European Union" chorus group shared their views on life, work and ideals through stage performance.

"Beautiful Pinzhi night" the convergence of China's well-known entrepreneur, elegant, fashion, youth elite art masters, celebrities, social activists and other different identities of more than 150 "home" to awaken people to the good things and the pursuit of dreams, offer exclusive elite crowd spiritual feast, spread a positive attitude towards life positive, as we build to enjoy the beautiful life of the goods caused by too night. This event is composed of two part of "Life Aesthetics" and "life show home dinner", the annual smartfortune population inventory induced life story. The main keynote of life revolves around the main idea of "the ideal of life is the ideal life", explores the ideals of life, shares the life of story, and creates a golden ideal life Utopia for everyone.

In the "life story" part of the famous collectors Ma, Kara Sun Taoran, chairman and President of Xi'an Dongsheng Group Co., Ltd. chairman Guo Jiaxue, far east Holding Group Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman of the board of directors of Jiang Xipei, the famous artist Zhu Zheqin equally enjoy their life, Pinzhi, ideal view. The light and warm atmosphere of interaction resonated with the guests, and there was a lot of applause from time to time.

Life is what we experience every day, each person has a different experience, but the answer is not the same if it is to explore what the meaning of life is. Zhang Wentian said that "the ideal of life is to the ideal life, I believe this sentence out largely in secret, no matter what the lives of everyone in the short term and condition is to believe the ultimate meaning is to pursue the ideal of life, create the art of life.

"Home" is such a class of people, they always know what is the ideal of life, they love life, but also the most understand life; life has a unique philosophy of life, life is the process of their artistic creation, and vowed to do philosophy of life preacher.