Regeneration and design - an exhibition of parameterized design works


September 23rd, -10 07, YOJU, with the theme of "regeneration and design" as the theme of the parametric design exhibition, was successfully displayed in the Baita temple. Baita temple area is a typical old Beijing block, which has a long history and profound culture. However, the current situation of old facilities in the area is facing many challenges of modernization. How to make the lost Pagoda Temple regain the brilliance? The new YOJU team has been thinking over and over again, hoping to make use of the old resources and modernize the advanced technology, and provide a new possibility for the vitality regeneration of Baita temple in a new way.

The theme of "regeneration and design" is inspired by traditional woodcut engraving. YOJU takes the environmentally friendly and regenerated paperboard as the carrier, and represents the new digital technology and construction technology in today's era with the representative parametric design in the data era.

In recent years, people have gradually realized the precious and shortage of forest resources. YOJU design works as a display carrier of recycled paper, is a green, low carbon, light pollution of the environmental paper. 80% of its raw material comes from recycled waste paper. It has many processes, such as crushing, decoloring, pulping, and so on. It is durable and beautiful.

The main technology, parametric design, is a new technology based on the age of information and data. Its information and real time provide a new way of thinking for the improvement of traditional construction industry. Ms. Jin You and Mr. Feng Bo and their team, with many years of overseas learning, work experience and innovation and exploration spirit, apply parametric design methods to multiple design projects, and promote the development of domestic construction industry with the most advanced technology.

The purpose of this exhibition is to publicize the concept of environmental protection, promote the design of "recycled paper", guide the design and innovation of science and technology. We hope that we can find a new, modern and respectful way to achieve the goal of urban orderly and organic renewal by exploring the regeneration of resources.