Feng Bo was appraised in 2016 as "the star of the citizens of the capital of the capital"


The capital of the public learning star "construction of Beijing city campaign led by the Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and other units of the learning type city work leading group organized to recognize love study and practice the socialist core values, and actively participate in the construction of learning city public work advanced models, give full play to the learning subject role of construction in the city in the capital, and actively create a good atmosphere of learning, learning, lifelong learning, everywhere in the whole society.

Mr. Feng Bo returned home for four years, and has won the Beijing "sea gathering project", Xicheng District hundred outstanding youth, the 2015 Zhongguancun returnees and other ten honors. The engineering design of office buildings and various public buildings is Feng Bo's specialties. The projects are all over North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions. The core technology is the parameterized design method. Only 5% of the architects in developed countries in Europe and America use preliminary parameterization as a design tool, while China is less than 1%. We have a wealth of parameterized project design, research and three major achievements and achievements in intellectual property rights. The traditional method of design relies on people with subjectivity and empiricism. By using parametric design method, Feng Bo independently developed parametric programming technology, and discussed, modified and determined the design with parameter models, which enhanced the scientificity and logicality of design. The labor cost is greatly reduced and the efficiency of the design is improved.

Feng Bo, as a designer, thinks that he should stand in the latitude of history and pay attention to the value he created, such as the sense of responsibility to society and the value of honest art. Therefore, Mr Bo and his team in the design practice of the project at the same time, also undertake research work important series of countries, including "the development and application of parametric design method in" caring in endowment insurance, provide more suitable for the elderly living space. And participate in the construction industry benchmarking enterprise "Beijing Vanke office building industrialization" as well as for the Xicheng District public service enterprises to provide free design services. Feng Bo said he will continue to work hard to contribute to Beijing's scientific research on the construction of learning cities.